Group Support for Those Who Stutter

Stuttering support group where you can listen & learn from others, share your story, and talk with fellow stutterers who know what it's like.

Our Stuttering Support Group Meetings

Each meeting follows a similar format.  There is a chance to share an experience that week, or a story that is on your mind, all in a small-group setting.

We have a few ground rules for our meetings which keep them as effective and safe for all as possible.  They are:

  1.  One person talks at a time.
  2. When it is your turn to speak, talk about your experience, rather than responding to what you heard someone else say.
  3. This is not a forum to offer unsolicited advice.  If you want to talk further about an issue, please do so after the meeting. Talking is an opportunity to share, not instruct.
  4. Keep your share to 10 minutes or less.
  5. If something has really worked for you, please share it, but please just share your own experience.

If there is not enough sharing to fill the time, I am glad to share a story, a news items, or some other item of interest to the group.

If you are new and want to come to a meeting, please introduce yourself so I know you are coming.

Our Stuttering Support Group

Our group is comprised of fellow stutterers and those who care about them.  It is meant to be a place of support, a place where people who stutter can be around others who understand their experience.

We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds.  Stuttering, for some, can be a lifelong companion and we welcome people at any stage of their journey.

There is never any pressure to speak at any of our meetings.  If you have a story you would like to have shared, I would be happy to read it for the group.

More than anything, the purpose of the group is to give those who stutter a safe place to share their experience and learn from others.


 Upcoming Support Meetings

Due to a lack of time/interest, meetings are postponed indefinitely. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

For a full calendar, please see below.

My Story

Hi, I’m John and I started stuttering, as far as I can remember, at about age 9.  That was 30 years ago.

Like most who stutter, I have gone through times where it felt like it was taking over my life to times where I barely noticed it was there.

I know what it’s like.  Growing up with a stutter, hard.  Being a teenager with a stutter, harder.  Botching a job interview, a job I really needed, because I couldn’t even get one fluent sentence out, really hard.

My aim with this group is to be able to create a space where these sorts of stories are shared, shared by and between people who understand.  A place where people who stutter can unpack things a bit, can feel not quite so alien in the world.  My hope is that through sharing, listening, and mutual support, some of the weight a stutter imposes can be lifted.

One on One Sessions

After 30 years of stuttering, I happened to stumble upon a remarkably effective treatment.  Specifically, I found that through balancing my brain chemistry (via natural means), I was able to reduce my stuttering by 80%-90% (some days it’s 100%).

What I have found over my several years of working with this is that it is tricky.  It is a very newly-emerging area of research, and managing brain chemistry can be quite complex.  Additionally, in sharing what has worked for me with others, I have found that this specific approach requires some amount of tweaking to find the optimal means of balancing one’s own, unique, brain chemistry.

I have begin working with people, one-on-one, to help them explore how a similar approach might help them with their stuttering goals. If you are interested in learning more, the site for my one-on-one work is located at:

Please feel free to contact me about this if you are interested.  I do not bring up one-on-one work during our support group sessions.



Have a question about the group?  Want to come to a meeting?  Please introduce yourself.

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